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10 Benefits of Being Female

by Peter Gabriel

Since I’m hard on the guys here sometimes….I figured I’d do a post on things *that I have noticed* that women don’t really have to deal with …..and men do.

There are definitely tons of benefits to being a woman and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to trade it in for even one day.  There are lots of things that women have to deal with…..and men don’t.  But I have already outlined those things in the past, so today I’ll make a list of things that I know are much easier for women than for men:

1.  I know that it is unlikely I will ever have to have enough money to pay for a date, think about paying for a date, or worry about a man thinking that I’d pay for anything at all.

2.  It is unlikely that I will be the first person suspected for virtually any serious/violent crime if there are ANY men around….and even then, it is unlikely that I would go to a scary Federal Penitentiary.

3.  I don’t ever have to worry about sex, getting laid, or getting a date.

4.  I am likely to never have to take out trash, mow a lawn, carry heavy stuff, or open doors myself.

5.  I will be the first *adult* person rescued by firemen, police, EMTs, the military, or any provider of safety (even if the providers are also female) in virtually any emergency situation.

6.  I can never marry, never settle down, and never even have a serious relationship…..and still have children and a family (less likely to die alone)

7.  Every job I do as well as a man, I will be patted on the back for…..while any job I do BETTER than a man, I will practically be worshipped.

8.  I will never have to worry about being coined a “coward”

9.  I will never be chastised for crying, being moody, or being hateful of people around me

10.  I will never be expected to engage in a fist-fight, verbal altercation, or even tolerate general disrespect unless there are NO MEN present in the vicinity to defend me.  And if I did have to defend myself…..any man who was present would be shamed for that fact.


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These are just a few of the many reasons that I sometimes think to myself “Holy shit, I’d never want to be a dude.”

I realize that some Feminists will be pissed about this list, but this is MY personal list of things I have noticed that men have to deal with…..and I don’t.

It’s an honest list and if men think we ladies aren’t aware of the many pressures that men face, we are (well most of us are).

Sometimes I think it would really suck to be a guy.